Zeke Speaks

 Well !  Here we are… Mid August.

 Last Feb, I promised to provide a series of progressive reports,  about a planned “out-reach effort”, to be chronicled, monthly, on our Sacramento Stroke Support group page;   “Zeke Speaks”.

 Admittedly, I became enthused with the concept of presenting an, “as it happens”, overview;  Thinking it would be of interest to those who read the “Zeke Speaks” page.

 However!  This is not to be.  At least, not just yet…  Legal restraints, (as I currently understand them), have presented obstacles Concerning “personal privacy” issues.  No one has registered complaints.  But it is prudent we abide by the established regulations and not carelessly create situations, difficult to defend.

 I can tell you… The “LMOR out-reach effort” continues… Much as originally intended, but, with an added concern of being confronted with unexpected legal issues by anyone, so motivated, that may be  lurking, just ‘off-stage’.

 Per current legal directives;  Personal and private information divulged during an out-reach meeting (or session) must not ! be repeated or distributed outside of the meeting time or place.

 My search for additional clarification of many applicable regulations, have been met with conflicting suggestions and directions regarding implementing and overall compliance requirements. 

 With that being said… Please accept my apologies for neglecting the *Zeke Speaks* column on our Stroke Support Web Site. 

 This endeavor has become an enjoyable… time-consuming… enlightening… and ‘worry-some’ experience… all at the same time… 

 In addition… During the time lapse of. my neglecting our Stroke Support Web Site…  It shut down… The Site is up again…  But since the shut-down, I have not been able to up-date  or edit the  *Zeke Speaks* page. 

 Had I been able to up-date the web site, I would have posted this information there also.    

 Many Respectful Thanks, to Everyone. Zeke.