Jean & Patrick Philips

My name is Jean Philips. Nine years ago, my husband Patrick, suffered an ischemic stroke on his left side, while at work. He did all the therapy and slowly began to improve. But it took 7 long years before he felt confident enough to drive again.

Patrick joined the amazing Sutter Stroke Support group and that changed everything. After every meeting, Patrick came home inspired with new ideas. When he realized that other stroke survivors were driving, he got the courage to try it himself.

Patrick drives all the time now. When our wonderful grandchildren need to be collected from school, Patrick is there! Now, his renewed interest has expanded to wanting a HARLEY!! It will be the three version, at first, but look out. If you are interested in purchasing our new product MonaVie, Pat may be delivering it to your door on his Harley motorcycle! Look out!

Patrick and I have decided to be independent sellers of the super antioxidant MonaVie. MonaVie is based on the amazing acai berry. Monavie is a super food that helps the brain, in addition to lessening  pain and lowering cholesteral. For more information, or to order, please give us a call. I will take your order. Pat will deliver it – with or without the motorcycle!

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